Random Thoughts on Strategic Passion

I’m constantly having ideas bounce around inside the remaining free space of my brain. Usually these neural sparks are related to planning- avenues I haven’t explored, corners of advocacy I haven’t yet unearthed. My mind is forever angling, always curious, constantly searching for that next opportunity.


Not for myself, mind you, for my child. I’ve already played the game for myself. I navigated the convoluted bureaucratic circus to garner my college credits in the most efficient way for my time and money. I can even admit to enjoying the game, possibly more than the actual knowledge I gained while playing.

In the end, I’ve come to the realization that I’m best at just about one thing- planning and organization. My strength lies in being a strategist. Aside from love, patience, and empathy strategizing is my greatest asset in being the parent of a child in dire need of navigation.





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